Volunteers make an extraordinary impact on Nashville OIC's students and their families.


Working with Students

  • Tutor students. To gain a HISET, students must pass tests in 5 subjects. Some students need extra support in specific areas.
  • Mentoring. Almost all OIC students face daunting barriers to achieving a better life for themselves and their families. Mentors guide students through challenging times in their lives and offer advice.
  • Assist teachers in class instruction.

Working with Staff

  • Help maintain OIC records, such as its aggregation report and Performance Statistics and maintain student files.
  • Assist with receptionist duties, such as welcoming visitors and answering calls – often OIC’s first contact with students and partners.
  • Help staff enhance relationships with OIC’s partners.

Developing Resources

  • Assist in activity related to the Annual Awards Banquet, OIC’s premier public relations event and fundraiser.
  • Assist in preparing grant proposals and in making solicitations.
  • Recommend new board members and assist in board recruitment.

Special Opportunities

  • Support OIC’s Summer Youth Basketball and Cheerleading Camp at Watkins Park Community Center by being a guest speaker, assisting coaches, providing meals and snacks, and telling parents about OIC’s programs and classes.
  • Graduation takes place the last Sunday in June of each year at Clark Memorial UMC. Help iron and prepare graduation robes and prepare refreshments for the graduates and their families.
  • Plant flowers and improve the outside appearance of Nashville OIC’s facility. Area needing attention is small and maintenance is a small time-commitment.

Wish List

  • Nashville OIC  is in need of new computers and updated software. It is important that we provide state of the art training for our participates who are entering into the job market.  The computers in our labs are six (6) years old. Please contact Helena Farrow if you are interested in donating. All contributions to Nashville OIC are tax-deductible.


Nashville OIC estimates the value of volunteer services donated to be $72,000 per year. Volunteers make donor dollars go further. Please contact Helena Farrow, 615-248-2906, with questions about volunteering.