About Us

Every Monday, prospective students arrive at Nashville OIC to participate in an assessment test. Following the assessment, each student meets with OIC’s employment career specialist to determine his/her pathway through OIC’s programs.  While students are encouraged to enroll in HISET Preparation or Computer Training, occasionally students begin seeking employment immediately through our Job Placement program.

Upon completion of OIC’s courses, graduates have improved their computer skills, learned or improved job skills, studied for and passed the HISET test, and/or received job placement. Classes are taught by highly qualified teachers and are offered Monday-Friday during the morning and Monday-Thursday in the evening.

Nashville OIC offers classes to everyone over the age of 17. Students who are 17 years old must obtain a school release. There is no waiting list, and all classes and tests are free for students thanks to the support of generous donors. OIC no longer provides bus passes for our active students due to a lack of funding.


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