45 years of helping people build their qualifications through training and education

Are you thinking about your future?

Perhaps it is not as bright as you know it can be. Consider Nashville OIC’s computer training, HiSET preparation and job placement services. Generous donors make it possible for you to have all of this free.

Click here for a step-by-step description of how to enroll in and complete Nashville OIC’s classes.

Why Nashville OIC may be the right place for you

  • Nashville OIC is about people.
  • OIC is a warm, welcoming community. You become an OIC family member. OIC is open to everyone, 17 and older. If you are 17, you must have a school release.
  • If you need special assistance, OIC will make an appropriate referral.

Some other things you will want to consider

  • A Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce study shows that, with a HiSET, you will earn an average of $10,587 per year more than a person without. Think what that adds up to in a lifetime! Last year, 12 OIC students earned a HiSET.
  • Last year, 36 students got jobs at an average rate of $8.42 per hour.
  • OIC’s technology is up-to-date, installed in 2011.


For a printable brochure about Nashville OIC's programs, click here.  For best results, print two-sided and flip on short edge.